UNT Records presents a new twist with their AOWS playlists

Building upon their much-loved An Obsession With Sound podcast series which ended back in May after 150 episodes, John Norman’s UNT Records have launched something new. We hear every day that playlists are the “new thing” when it comes to music promotion, but you can trust that UNT will do this with a twist. They’ve asked their artists to create playlists of songs that influenced or inspired them to write what they do, and place their own writing in their all-new AOWS playlists.

AOWS podcast

UNT’s An Obsession With Sound playlist is on Spotify, and on Apple Music.

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We had a quick sit down with John Norman about the idea, and about the first playlist in the series from him. Grab a ☕️ and read on below…

MCOT: This is a really neat idea, John! What do you hope to achieve from your AOWS playlist series?
JN: A lot of the time we think of dance music as existing on its own, separate from the rest of the music we hear around us. I think it is important to remember that we producers didn’t grow up listening only to dance music, for the most part, and that the sounds that influenced us came from a wide array of sources. I feel a lot of new artists are influenced by 1 or 2 artists only, 1 particular sound or genre. Along with some artists just looking for quick fame by copying other successful artists, I think this plays into why a lot of music feels/sounds very similar. I think of this as de-mystifying us, and humanizing us again. We aren’t aliens, we are not all from techno, to techno. We are real people, who have wide tastes in music. I hope this will help others to say, “hey man, I listen to Slayer on the way to my gigs!”

MCOT: Do you think listeners may be surprised by what they hear?
JN: Yeah definitely. I know for myself, people are often surprised when I share that my first performing and writing experiences were as the bassist and vocalist in a metal band. My list has such a huge range of music, from Phil Collins, to Duran Duran, to Slayer. I’m so excited to listen to the playlists from UNT artists myself. There is such a huge variety of ages and experiences from all over the world making up our family, so it will be really eye-opening to see the differences, and probably some similarities.

MCOT: What other artists are lined up?
JN: Well we’re updating the playlists every 2 weeks. Up next is French DJ and producer BOHN, and then we’ll have playlists from UK artist Daniel Brooks whose Faded Void alias will debut on UNT later this year, as well as from Canadian artist The GOAT, and young Canadian living in London, England right now, Noah Southard. There are more on the way, too!

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