Son of 8 | Artist Spotlight – Interview & Exclusive Mix

UK DJ-duo Son of 8 have burst through the electronic music spectrum with their fresh new label 8 House Records, representing a broader, dynamic twist on all things house.

At the start of 2017, the two boys from Liverpool launched 8 House Records and since then, have gone on to receive massive support from the likes of Roger Sanchez, Tough Love, and Craig David – just to name a few. The imprint recently hit their 10th release on the label and after just six months in business, they’ve already hosted the likes of Charlie Hedges, Tuff London, and more.

To celebrate this major milestone, we caught up with the 8 House Records label boss-duo Son of 8 to do the honours of a brand-new Artist Spotlight and Exclusive DJ Mix!

So brew yourself a cup and dance along with us as we chat to Son of 8 about why they launched their own label, music, inspiration, challenges, and much more…

[tracklisting available at end of interview]

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MCOT: In 3 words, can you tell us who is Son of 8?
Son of 8: Enigmatic Scouse Perfection.

MCOT: Where did the name derive from? Do you have 8 siblings?
Son of 8: It has quite a mystical meaning really. Son of symbolizes the connectivity of music and how it brings people together. Son of 8 is son of the infinite, the energy in the universe. 8 is also a really important number in music. We were obviously tripped out when we thought of the name, haha.

MCOT: You’ve come a long way in only 6 months since the launch of your label ‘8 House Records’, which has already gained massive traction within the electronic music world. What has been your biggest challenge thus far?
Son of 8: We’ve cut back on gigs to manage the label as it is a lot more admin than we thought, but on the plus side we have had a lot more studio time. You will really see the benefit of this in our releases over the next 12 months. It’s always hard starting something new but we are very clear on the style of music and production quality that we want to put out which helps. It is a lot more freedom with your own label as you make tracks that you love rather than trying to fit a track around the style of another label. We felt pressured in the past to make more commercial tracks, now in the studio we have the freedom more to express ourselves in the music.

MCOT: What inspired you to launch your own label?
Son of 8: We were getting a lot of great unsigned tracks from unknown producers on our travels, and we wanted to showcase some of that talent and put out the music we were playing as well. It’s also easier to get feedback quickly without the usual selection and marketing processes which can see tracks get released maybe 6 to 12 months after you have submitted them – by which time you as artists had moved on musically.

MCOT: What sets 8 House Records apart from all the other labels in this genre?
Son of 8: We want to give unknown artists a shot, so we work a lot on artist development and we have a clear vision for the 8 House sound that you will see showcased over the next 12 months. We tend to go out of our way to find new music and new sounds.

MCOT: Congratulations on your 10th release on 8 House Records! Can you tell us a bit about the musical direction of Koben’s ‘Mind Free’ EP?
Son of 8: Koben are a pretty much unknown Italian production duo who have a great studio and work with a lot of old school production techniques. The simple taste vocal has been reworked by a number of underground Italian house producers, but I thought their version was the best I have heard. We have another great release from another breakthrough, Bristol based DJ called Paranino out in August, we’re looking forward to that one as well.

MCOT: You’ve already hosted the likes of Charlie Hedges, Tuff London and more on the label, what has been your favourite release so far?
Son of 8: We are big Tuff London fans and love the remix of our ‘I Found You’ track. It is actually now a free download on the 8 House Records Soundcloud page – enjoy!

MCOT: Your latest release ‘Dark Love’ has introduced a darker, techier direction of Son of 8. Is this new style a glimpse into what we can expect from you in the future?
Son of 8: Yes, we love this style. We actually listened through a load of our finished tracks last week and realized we had suddenly gone a bit darker. Expect a more atmospheric, bass driven, techier vibe from September onwards.

MCOT: Do you have any label showcases in the pipeline for 2017?
Son of 8: Yes, we are in talks with a few different venues at the minute. Possibly something at ADE. We are looking to do a label showcase in Liverpool (our home town) in the autumn, then hopefully we’ll move around the country with showcases in select venues.

MCOT: What can we expect from 8 House Records over the next 6 months?
Son of 8: Lots of great EPs from Son of 8 and new artists, with remixes from the likes of ATCF, Tuff London, Ki Creighton, Mark Jenkyns, Black Legend and plenty of other huge names.

MCOT: Do you have any advice to give to aspiring label owners?
Son of 8: It really helps to work with a company who manages the sales part of the label. We work with the guys at Label Worx who have been great to work with.

MCOT: and of course we must know, how do you take your tea?
Son of 8: Strong with milk and no sugar

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1. Carlos A-Rolling-Toni Carrillo Remix
2. Carl Booth – Lets Go! [MASTER]
3. Pirate Copy Slave To The Nigh-Master(jd)
4. Sanchez & Narvaez, Mack Jamz – Flow Rapping (Max Chapman Remix)
5. Son of 8 – Hanging Out In The DJ Booth – Ki Creighton Remix – Mastered
6. Son of 8 – Bambola (David Glass Rmx) Mastered
7. Alexander Zabbi – La Pluma Uranobeat Mix
8. RogC’rio Ribeiro – Old Fillings – Carl St Pierre & Mike Jones Remix – Mastered
9. L’Tric ‘The Way You Are’ (Pirupa Remix) – NEON
10. Son Of 8 – Staton
11. Weikum – What Did You Do?-Original Mix-Simma Black
12. Waitz-Wikk i- Original Mix-Simma Black
13. Paranino – Missile Tuff London Remix – Mastered
14. Son of 8 – Los Boas

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