We’re pleased to welcome Rhetorical Music label boss – Simon Doty – to take the hot seat for this Artist Spotlight edition. Planting himself firmly within Toronto’s dynamic techno community, he has built a reputable name for himself over the years working with many big industry names and faces.

In just two short years, Simon Doty has become one of the most prominent tech house producers in the world. His signature sound infuses elements of house and techno elements from various eras while still remaining cutting edge and forward thinking. to create powerful, high energetic grooves. Simon’s tracks have been played and supported by the biggest names around the globe including Carl Cox, Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Nick Warren, Adriatique, Funk D’Void, Eelke Kleijn , Chymera, Petar Dundov, and many others.

Brew yourself a cup and read along with us as we learn more about Mr. Doty’s freshly launched Toronto label Rhetorical Music, Rhetorical Radio show, studio tips, what we can expect for 2016, advice for up-and-coming producers, and much more below.

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MCOT: How did you select which artists to team up with to debut on your NEW label Rhetorical Music?

Simon: I wanted to have a nice balance of sounds, styles and experiences on this release, and all the releases really. Vince Watson is an artist I respect a lot and it was a huge honor to have him on the label. His music always feels genuine and he did a great job of putting his sound on the original track. The second remixer is an up and coming artist from Italy called Skena. He hasn’t done many tracks but they have all been amazing. Last but not least we have Ian O’Donovan another one of my favorite producers. His music always has a great emotional feel while still staying clubby enough for the dance floor. It’s important to have some diversity on a release and I think all the remixers did a great job taking the original track in a different direction.

MCOT: Would you say that your “Harmony In Chaos” EP defines the sound for Rhetorical Music?

Simon: Ya, I think it does a good job of representing what we are all about. The original track has some of the toughness of techno, while maintaining some of the groove of house and melody of progressive. The label is going to be very melodic. All the remixers did a great job of nailing this in their own way as well.

MCOT: Can you give us a hint of what artists and sounds we can expect to hear on upcoming releases?

Simon: The second release will be out at the end of January and features an original track from myself called “Crossfaded”. We have remixes from another one of my favorite artists, Petar Dundov, from Croatia, as well as one of my secret weapon producers from Spain, Pedro Aguiar.

Then our third release features another original from myself called Vision of Confluence. Then we have remixes from always stellar Ramon Tapia, and fast rising star Sevendoors.

I’m also going to be working on a mini album to release sometime later on in 2016.

MCOT: What is the story behind the name “Rhetorical”?

Simon: We spent a long time thinking about a name for the label I really wanted something that had some meaning to it. We chose the name Rhetorical because the term “rhetorical question” refers to making a statement. We believe that the music you listen to makes a statement about who you are, and what you believe in. So now we are presenting to the world the music that represents we believe in. Rhetorical, for us, means to “make your statement”.

MCOT: Should we anticipate any big upcoming plans for Rhetorical in 2016?

Simon: Early in 2016 we will start getting ready to do our first Rhetorical parties in Toronto and elsewhere. Club nights that will feature some of the artists from the label as well as other artists that fit the sound and style that we believe in.

MCOT: Can you share with us a little bit about Rhetorical Radio?

Simon: It’s a bi-weekly radio show that features a 1 hour mix from myself or any of the other artists on the label. It’s a great way for us to really spread the Rhetorical sound and reach people who are into it. These days you never know who might be out there on the internet listening, so I really strive to make sure that the mixes are as quality as possible, just like the music we put out for the label.

MCOT: What motivated you to create your Rhetorical Studio Tips?

Simon: I have many people asking me how I do different things in my music such as making baselines, or how I do drums, or how I do my mixing and mastering etc. So I thought this would be a good way of starting to share some of this knowledge with others.

MCOT: What is your best piece of advice for all of the young up-and-coming artists out there?

Simon: My biggest advice is to make the music that you truly believe in. It really comes through in the music when the artist is being truly genuine. You can’t take any shortcuts, you just have to put in the time and practice to create something original and timeless. That’s the only way to be truly successful.

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