Set of the Month: Gabriela Penn | November 2017

We are very proud to present November’s Set of the Month to Holland’s ‘Queen of Dark Techno’ aka Gabriela Penn. Since humble beginnings growing up to the sounds of hip-hop, Gabriela found her way to Techno through listening to DJ Rush on cassette tapes. Her live-sets are both relentless yet captivating, that demonstrate her excellent technical skills as well as her ability to engage with the audience.

During her live-recorded set on November 3rd at the debut edition of NineSixty – a brand new techno concept held at secret locations throughout the heart of Amsterdam – Gabriela eases her audience in with some smooth techno numbers, manifesting effortlessly into her dark, signature ominous soundscapes. With her devious twists of the knobs and unique style that is laced throughout her mix, it isn’t surprising to find yourself caught in another dimension. For all dark techno lovers, we highly recommend keeping Gabriela Penn on your radar. Listen now below:

✕ ✕ ✕

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