Preview Ran Salman’s ‘Butterfly’ & ‘Nights Of Tel Aviv’

With his music gracing such revered labels as Steyoyoke, Sincopat, and Definition, Ran Salman has been turning heads for a decade, and now lands with two gems ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Nights of Tel Aviv’ on Nick Warren’s mighty The Soundgarden.

Coming to Nick Warren’s imprint ‘The Soundgarden’ on June 2nd

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Kicking off musically with ‘Butterfly, this infectiously warm tune encapsulates you from the off, as its glow and aura ooze out the good stuff! A subtle building structure layers itself with pads, arps, and a hypnotic groove, locking you in to its dreamlike soundscape. Hints of wobbliness with cool fx, and a gritty deft touch on the bass add a unique texture as the tension builds. A top lead really lifts this track, and will no doubt cause a big fuss this summer and beyond.

The second track ‘Nights Of Tel Aviv’ takes us deeper, and captures the mystical Israeli capital cities vibe, as a swaggeringly cool magic voyage takes you on its journey, before the uplifting breakdown breathes through a was of melody with a hint of melancholy. A serious dance floor gem, for those special moments when you really want to capture your crowd’s attention.

Early support from Sasha, Nick Warren, Anthony Pappa, Paul Hazendonk, Oliver Schories, Hernan Cattaneo, Robert Babicz, Chris Fortier, and more.

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    Ran Salman has been utilising all these new developments in the studio already for Berlin based deep house label Steyoyoke, with his ‘Fractured Memories’ EP. Consisting of remixes from two music maestros Patrick Podage and Soul Button, it also reveals his own wistful vocals.

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