My Cup of Tech welcomes Tel Aviv DJ and Producer Ran Salman to join us for this Artist Spotlight. Read on to discover more about this rising techno talent.

Having been involved with music at a very young age, Ran Salman has evolved over the years from his first release “Lucid Dreaming” back in 2008 under the duo-artist alias Eastern Spirit. Since then, he has chosen a different route and moved onto pursuing his solo music career as a DJ and Producer.

Salman has a sense for playing music that mirrors the moment impeccably. He knows how to read his audience and connects with them musically on an intellectual level. Whether he is playing a deep emotional set that almost has you holding your heart in your chest, or playing some raw dark melancholic techno, Ran has the dancefloor moving their feet and arms from the back to the front of the venue. Mr. Salman is unique in a sense that he expands his music tools to create a more depth sound using analog synthesizers, drum machines, bass guitar, even his own voice in his music.

Ran Salman has created a name for himself in the electronic music scene and has had support from big names such as John Digweed, Noir, Hernan Cattaneo, Namito, Thomas Schumacher, Einmusik, and more industry heavy-weights.

Since becoming a staple on the popular Berlin-based deep house label Steyoyoke Recordings, Ran has been turning his focus to developing live-show sets and performances that highlight his DJ skills and music.

After all of the post ADE craziness, we managed to set up an interview and dig a bit deeper into the live-set mastermind behind the decks.. Read along as we catch up with Mr. Salman and discuss music, his live-sets, future plans, and much more!

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Relive Ran Salman’s LIVE set from Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 / Westerunie – Westerliefde // Komm Schon Alter // Steyoyoke Showcase

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MCOT: What is your favourite instrument to play?
Ran Salman: Hmm.. I like my electric guitar a lot and my bass guitar too but lately I find myself charmed by my Roland JUNO 106 and the emotions I can bring out through it.

MCOT: If your music was an animal, what animal would it be?
Ran Salman: Peacock. That’s because my music is influenced by many genres and artists and I combine different colours into it.

MCOT: Let’s talk a little bit about your live set at this year’s ADE.
Ran Salman: Of course, I worked a lot on building the right approach to perform live as there are not really guidelines about it and every artist performing live is building his own ‘method. So after investigating and trying out different things for years I managed to create my own method that is right for me and I’m always keeps developing it.

At ADE 2015, I performed 1.5 hours of my original productions and remixes. Building the arrangement on the fly, playing and tweaking my Access Virus Polar Synth and adding elements via TR-8 Drum Machine.

My Live set completely depends on my reactions so I choose how to build the tracks on the fly – what to add, when to go into a breakdown, when to come back from it. Actually, it’s very time consuming doing rehearsals before my live shows but in the end it is so much fun.

MCOT: Have you performed at Amsterdam’s ADE in past years?
Ran Salman: This was my first time playing at ADE, and I was very pleased to get a request for a Live Set. I’ve been to ADE in 2012 and fell in love with the vibes so I was super excited to play there.

MCOT: Can you describe what it is like to play a live-set vs regular DJ set?
Ran Salman: When I perform live I’m controlling the music and what’s going on with it in terms of developing, layers to add, arrangement. I decide when and where I want to do a breakdown for example, So I need to be super focused and don’t even a few seconds to do something else (forget about me going to the restroom lol).

I think when playing live, the Artist is much more influencing and interacting with the crowd than in DJ sets. I like performing live also because I’m playing only my music (only originals productions and remixes I’ve made) so it is interesting to see how the crowds reacts to a whole set of my music. But I really love to DJ as well, I love to dig new promos and search for interesting music and can’t wait to drop them on the crowd, building a set in the right way and take people to a journey. I really like both approaches so I’m playing DJ sets in some venues.

MCOT: Every track on your tracklist for your Westerunie live-set was your own original or remix. Do you always strictly play your own music for your sets?
Ran Salman: When I’m playing a live set of course, every track is my original production or remix I made. When I’m playing DJ Sets I love to play some of my works but the rest are from other artists.

MCOT: Do you ever come across any challenges when playing a live set?
Ran Salman: Yes, I had something super crazy at ADE, when I started playing after 20 seconds of me playing solo on the synthesizer suddenly the electricity went off, apparently they had some problem with the electricity anyway it went back on after 5 minutes but my computer was connected to my controllers via hub and it really went crazy because of that electricity problem, so when the electricity was back the computer was stuck in a loop of a pad playing and even the trackpad didn’t work…

I immediately pull out a USB stick and started playing my track ‘Wrath Of The Gods’ from the CDJ… and after 30 seconds the CDJ started blinking emergency loop which mean it couldn’t read the USB stick! So I pulled out another USB Stick and mixed ‘Wrath Of The Gods’ on top of the loop while restarting my computer, Opened up Ableton when it finished booting and mixed my live set on top of the CDJ and then everything flowed just fine and I switched to playing through the computer and my live gear.. that was a challenge.

I always think that a DJ or an Artist needs to be ready to every scenario especially when we count on computers so much.

MCOT: What was your favourite moment during your ADE performance/debut?
Ran Salman: I liked it all, the crowd was very cool and responsive and I really enjoyed it through the whole set.

MCOT: Who or what inspired you to start focusing more on live-set performances?
Ran Salman: Well I always wanted to perform live sets and I’ve being studying and investigating live sets for a long time.

MCOT: Who are some live-set artists that you look up to?
Ran Salman: Agent Of Time, Fur Coat, Hernan Cattaneo, Thomas Schumacher, Sasha, Nick Warren, and Anthony Papa.

MCOT: What is your best remedy for “writers block”.
Ran Salman: Listening to good music, going out to clubs, get some inspiration and sit in the studio being positive.

MCOT: Can you describe a time in your career where you learned something very valuable/took something away from the situation that you now apply to all of your productions/sets?
Ran Salman: After learning synthesis and working with analog synthesizers I think that my production became much better.

MCOT: Do you have a secret weapon you try and use during all of your sets?
Ran Salman: I try to always change and have variety in my live sets, currently my secret weapon is my new track ‘Vertigo’ that is doing some serious damage in clubs! It will be released on Steyoyoke Black in Mid February

MCOT: What can we expect from Ran Salman in the near future?
Ran Salman: I have a couple of EPs that will be released on early 2016 on Sincopat, Definition:Music and of course Steyoyoke and A remix for ARDOR Music. I’m working hard on releases so expect more releases during 2016. Gig-wise I am going to perform in many excited places, some of them are Mexico,USA,Puerto Rico, Berlin, St. Petesburg and more!

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