Musumeci – ‘Mood Organs’ EP Review

Musumeci – ‘Mood Organs’ EP review by Daniel G Hammond

After a scorching summer debut, the melodic masterpiece that is ‘Mood Organs’ has been released. Now a major player on Diynamic records, artist Musumeci unfurled a definitive release on November 3rd with his first EP on the label. With its name inspired by a dystopian instrument from Philip K Dick’s 1968 novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, a ‘Mood Organ’ has the ability to regulate human emotions through sound. Musumeci’s debut EP is made up of three tracks, each with a distinctive story to tell. Read on below to discover them…

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Among the most anticipated releases of the year.

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Track one of the EP, ‘Hey Mama’ instantly introduces the listener to a rising sensation with drums and kicks. Instantly, the tech kick on the track instills a sense of fluctuating energy. This is rapidly met with a selection of synths and pads that blend together like the grapes of a fine wine.

The real juice of the track gets flowing when, after layer and layer forms, the listener is met with a velvety, thick baseline. This floods the track with emotion, transporting the listener to inner tranquil realms, or escapist notions of an exotic sub-Saharan party.

The vocals appear. Halcyon. An instant winner, Hey Mama has the makings of a dance floor weapon. It includes a beautiful afro-centric vocal range that juxtaposes the track with a further degree of warmth. Steel percussive elements appear, giving this track further inflections of character that go some way in showing why these tracks owned the summer. A welcoming track, on what is the Italian Musumeci’s finest release to date.

“The incredible potential of such a machine was stimulating my fantasy till the moment I realised that music can actually work in that sense too.”

Next up is the title track. Anticipation is built through oscillating pads which are driven forward by hydraulic high hats. The hats do battle with a light snare drum that weaves between the coming beats like a precision laser. The production is distinctively clear on the track, making each sample stand alone like a work of art. This is particularly vivid in the case of the track’s wooden chimes, which give Mood Organs an optimistic, colourful tone.

In an interview with Deep House Amsterdam, Musumeci said: “We already have this fantastic invention, we call it music.

A thick baseline is the emotional force of this track. Diynamic love a flare for the emotional, but a balance with force. This is championed by the Italian producer, who uses a viscous baseline as the emotional strength of the track, backed up by a thunderous kick drum. Played at the right decibel, this track creates a tectonic weight to this transportive masterpiece.

‘Mood Organs’ was unleashed at DGTL Festival Barcelona in August, where Âme showcased the track to a ferocious techno hungry crowd. Meanwhile, Sven Väth sent crowds into tantric states of blissful undulation, using the track to dominate the dance floor of Amnesia Ibiza.

“Out of all the possible ways of expressing yourself through art, music is the most capable of evoking emotions.” – Musumeci

Track three of the EP is titled Vali. In a similar vein to the EP, Musumeci’s flare for mixing the melodic and the meaty is displayed. Vali is perfect for club play, using a rapid synth and punchy drums to bring this EP to a close on a high, leaving the listener hungry for more. Musumeci has cemented his own sound on this EP, setting the bar high for contenders in the diverse yet over saturated world of techno.

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You can catch Musumeci this Friday, November 10th, at the Diynamic Showcase at Watergate Berlin.

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