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Founder of My Cup of Tech, Marah Berezowsky, specializes in copywriting, content writing, and marketing communications services for the electronic music and events industry. Marah has been working at the core of Amsterdam’s dynamic electronic music industry for over two years. Starting off as an intern at ID&T, she has mastered an array of invaluable skills through a hands-on approach working as a freelancer with the industry’s most sought after companies including ID&T, Sensation, Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Trance Energy, Welcome to the Future, Flashover Recordings, and more.

With a qualified background in online marketing management and social media management, Marah has worked hard to establish herself as a leader in the electronic music and events industry by using a quality over quantity approach in everything she does:

■ Online Marketing Management
■ Social Media Management
■ Promotional Campaigns (using creative social media tactics)
■ Content Marketing
■ Artist Bios
■ Press Releases
■ and More!

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