Max Chapman | Artist Spotlight – Interview & Exclusive Playlist

Max Chapman has been taking the world by storm with his energetic, infectious electronic soundscapes created solely with the dancefloor in mind. If you haven’t heard of him by now, you better pay close attention. The Resonance Records‘ boss is considered one of house music’s leading heavyweights of the moment, with a passion and love for the four-to-the-floor rhythms spanning across the entire musical spectrum.

With a number of major releases under his belt including gigs at Elrow, Do Not Sleep, Cuckoo Land (just to name a few), Max is on a steady incline and there’s no slowing him down anytime soon.

The Beatport chart topper has just released his Work It Out EP last Friday on Apollo 84‘s sought-after Twisted Fusion imprint, which has been recklessly tearing up dancefloors from London, to Ibiza, and beyond. Alongside Max‘s “Work It Out” and “Ghetto Beats”, Truth Be Told makes an appearance on the EP with a massive remix of the latter.

And if you’ve managed to catch Max at any of his previous shows, you will have already heard the buzzing around one of the lad’s biggest upcoming summer tunes that will be released on Hot Creations at the end of August called “La Fiesta” – available on August 25th.

Between his monster roster of shows across Europe this summer, we’ve managed to catch up with the man of the moment to discuss his upcoming “La Fiesta”, Ibiza residencies, Resonance Records, his favourite UK crisps, and Max has even put together an exclusive playlist of his top 10 tracks of the moment for us! Check this all out and more below:

[tracklisting available at end of interview]

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MCOT: What was the moment you first realized your love for house music?
Max Chapman: It was in 2010 and I was with my mate Dave (cliché – but true!); I went to his place where he had a keyboard and monitors in his room, I had no idea what they were for and when he showed me you could make music in your room I was flabbergasted! I basically went and bought everything he had and started making music of all kinds and genres, but it was definitely the house beat that seemed to become the favourite!

MCOT: How would you describe your current sound?
Max Chapman: I would say that what I’m trying to make at the moment is “tribally tech house”. Rolling, groovy basslines but still with a nice punch, using tribal percussion like congas and bongos, and some live drum fills etc.

MCOT: How has your sound evolved since emerging onto the scene back in 2011?
Max Chapman: A serious amount! I listen to them now and they are so basic; although my tracks these days are still fairly basic in that they’re a stripped-back sound, they are arranged much better.

MCOT: In your past life, who or what do you think Max Chapman was?
Max Chapman: I was definitely a sloth.

MCOT: How has your summer touring been so far? What has been your fave gig?
Max Chapman: It’s been amazing so far and we still have so much left to do. For me, Parklife in Manchester UK was one of the best gigs I’ve ever played, I will remember that one forever.

MCOT: You’ve also got a very busy summer ahead, what shows are you looking forward to the most and why?
Max Chapman: The one I’m looking forward to the most has to be Elrow at Amnesia on 26th August. It’s my dream club to play and my dream room too, I can’t believe I’m having the pleasure of closing the terrace. It’s going to be mad!

MCOT: Can you tell us a bit about your residency in Ibiza this summer at Cuckoo Land, Elrow, and Do not sleep?
Max Chapman: I have only done Cuckoo Land so far, I’m doing that for the first half of the summer and then Sankeys over the second half. So far, Cuckoo Land has been great; it’s very different to anything I have done before as I have never really imagined my music suiting a pool party, but I have learnt a lot from it! As for Sankeys – I can’t wait to get back in there, the sound and production is the best it’s ever been this year!

MCOT: What do you think is the key ingredient that makes Elrow such a special party?
Max Chapman: Colour, and shit loads of it!

MCOT: What is your dance floor weapon that you’ve been playing out in all your sets lately?
Max Chapman: This isn’t a proper main room banger but its groovy AF: Mirco Caruso – Bad Ass

MCOT: Can you tell us about your upcoming release ‘La Fiesta’ on Hot Creations? Where did the inspiration come from and how was the track created?
Max Chapman: The inspiration came from going to Music On at Amnesia; I heard a Latin vocal and thought “I’m gonna have a go at that”! I found the vocal after hours of searching on YouTube and then we licensed it so that it was all legit. The vocal is originally 60-70 bpm so it’s been made a lot quicker, I then made some drums – everything was built from scratch using one hit drum sounds, and then I smashed a bassline over it in key with the vocal. Bob’s your uncle.

MCOT: Do you have any upcoming collabs you can share with us?
Max Chapman: Yeah, I have a collab with Secondcity which is going to be a regular thing. We have a release on Relief in October. It’s a 3 track EP so keep an eye out for that one.

MCOT: What’s the story about how your label Resonance Records came to be?
Max Chapman: We started off as a platform for up and coming artists to release on and it’s gone from strength to strength. It’s still not where I want it to be, nowhere near, but it’s on its way slowly but surely. We have some amazing talent signed up now, both old and new.

MCOT: What do you think separates your label apart from the rest?
Max Chapman: Our Artwork! I love it.

MCOT: Because you’re from the UK, we MUST ask you this question…what is your favourite British crisp?
Max Chapman: Walkers – Cheese & Onion tied evenly with Sensations – Thai Sweet Chilli

MCOT: Do you have any DJ rituals you always do before you go on stage?
Max Chapman: Haha nah, apart from getting a little anxious!

MCOT: What can we expect from Max Chapman after the summer season?
Max Chapman: Hopefully a busy schedule, some high charting releases and lots and lots of new music’

MCOT: And last but not least, how do you take your tea?
Max Chapman: Green (Cow’s milk is for calves) 🙂

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1. Micro Caruso – Bad Ass
2. Waff – Hanzz Sup
3. Luca Donzelli – Future Stroke
4. Apollo 84 – La Bestia
5. Secondcity – Kwelenga
6. Leftwing &a KODY – Soundboy
7. Alexis Raphael – It’s Kinda Jazzy
8. Luca Donzelli – Drummer Eager (Max Chapman Remix)
9. Cuartero – Nosy Neighbors
10. Tom Middleton – Penrose Steps

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