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My Cup of Tech is pleased to welcome one of the UK’s thriving ‘house-meets-techno’ players, Mark Fanciulli. We had the pleasure of chatting about Mark’s latest EP collaboration together with Rob Cockerton ‘Thought I’d Rearrange Your Mind’, out now on Suara! The EP is equipped with three fresh tracks filtering old school nostalgia, featuring a special remix from Mark Broom.

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The first track, Patterns, is drenched in analog synths and nostalgic raw drum-machine beats. Voices In My Head is a hypnotizing journey through spine-tingling echoes paired with a flawless harmony dedicated exclusively to the dancefloor, which Mark Broom puts his touch of nastiness and intense techno twist on. Testing 1, 2, 3 completes the package: a strip backed gem oozing acid infused flairs and warping synth layers.

Discover Mark Fanciulli as we dive deep into the story behind ‘Thought I’d Rearrange Your Mind’ EP, the success of his debut Between 2 Points event, resolutions for 2017, and much much more…

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MCOT: It’s been a really big year for you as an artist, radio show host, label owner, and event promoter. How would you say your sound has developed since your first EP of 2016 ‘Progression EP’ to this one?

Mark: A few months ago I went into the Studio with Zoo Brazil in Stockholm which was such a productive and fun week. We came out with loads of ideas which have a really rich and melodic sound, something that I’ve never come out with before. Working with John was a great experience and he’s a really top guy, I’ll be heading back there next year to continue our work. Labels have been picking up the releases there but I’ll mention more of that exciting news in the coming months. When working in the studio I’ve tried new approaches and have been keeping an open mind. I’ve been trying to not follow the rules and try something new to see if it works, if whatever comes from the speakers sounds right, run with it.

MCOT: Is this a sound you will continue to pursue?

Mark: I would definitely like to work on more melodic stuff but I still want to make other stuff that reflects me, everything between the House & Techno spectrum.

MCOT: How did you and Rob come to collaborate on such a release?

Mark: Rob has been a family friend for years and I’ve always had a really great relationship with him. He’s always been supportive since I started DJing, letting me warm up for him when I was a teenager and taking me along to all the decent record shops that were once in the West End. I remember bunking off school one Friday and we headed up there with my brother and Rob, they would scan all the pirate stations for me which was really exciting at the time. We would go to Koobla, BlackMarket, City Sounds, Exchange shops, so much fun and great memories. Going into the studio with Rob has felt so natural and right.

“We wanted to get someone on board who we liked, fitted the release and who could do an amazing job, Mark Broom ticked every single one of those boxes.”

MCOT: What inspired the sounds and direction in this nostalgic 4-track journey?

Mark: When we went into the studio we just worked on stuff that we wanted to do, no restrictions, nothing. Also we can be very honest and upfront with one another which means we have a really productive experience. A lot of inspiration came from old records, one in particular for Testing 1,2,3 (which we recorded my vocals on) was the classic track by Black Baxter called “Sexuality”.

MCOT: ‘Thought I’d Rearrange Your Mind’ takes us back to the old school grooves, we are digging every track, especially Mark Broom’s remix of ‘Voices In My Head’. How did you come about choosing this particular artist to remix this track?

Mark: We wanted to get someone on board who we liked, fitted the release and who could do an amazing job, Mark Broom ticked every single one of those boxes. We wanted to get someone on board who we liked, fitted the release and who could do an amazing job, Mark Broom ticked every single one of those boxes. I’ve known him for many years through putting out his album and several EPs, playing B2B and he’s such a great guy. He’s complimented the release and made it a really strong 4 track package.

MCOT: Coyu’s Suara imprint is “all about music…and cats!” Are you a cat or a dog person?

Mark: I’m more of a dog person and I grew up with German Shepherds and Terriers that my parents would rescue from the local RSPCA.

MCOT: Do you and Rob have any more projects in the pipeline?

Mark: We’re actually going in the studio again before Christmas. I’m currently in the middle of upgrading my set up and can’t wait to work on some more bits with him. Stay tuned for some low-fi Instagram videos of our progress.

MCOT: Congratulations on your first Between 2 Points event in London! What were your most memorable moments throughout the evening?

Mark: Thank you. The most memorable thing for me was the very end of the night. As Boxia was finishing up his set (which was amazing) I looked across the floor and saw everyone smiling and on a really nice vibe, lots of them friends and also people I didn’t know who had came to rave. Sounds cheesy, but that puts a smile on my face when I think about it. It makes me want to do more of them, that’s part of the real pleasure you experience from putting on your own event. The Waiting room was the perfect spot to hold it in, a unique basement venue with an intimate capacity. Rob did an amazing warm up set and I had a great team around me to help make sure it all ran smooth.

“Starting up Between 2 Points is a a massive highlight and something I can’t wait to continue developing in 2017 too.”

MCOT: Any plans on bringing the party to Amsterdam? We would love to check it out!

Mark: It’s something that I’d definitely want to bring to Amsterdam. Before we held the first one in London I already had many people asking if we can host them elsewhere which is always nice to hear.

MCOT: The end of 2016 is just around the corner, do you have any special highlights of the year?

Mark: Gig wise I’ve had some amazing ones in South America, such as my recent tour in Argentina which was extra special as my Dad came away for the week with me. He came along to every gig and we got to do loads of touristy things in Argentina and Uruguay, lots of Red Wine & Food. Starting up Between 2 Points is a a massive highlight and something I can’t wait to continue developing in 2017 too.

MCOT: Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2017?

Mark: To read more books, I’ve spent the year reading lots of Rave / DJ biographies and its been so nice. My parents asked for a list of things I might want for Christmas so I sent back an amazon list.

MCOT: And last, but certainly not least, how do you take your tea?

Mark: Strong with lots of milk.

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