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Hailing from Sydney, Australia – please welcome techthusiast Made In Paris. Her relentless passion for dark, minimalistic, techno, tech house, and deep house soundscapes is what sets her sound apart from the rest. Her productions (such as her most anticipated EP to date “Dancing In The Dark”) are top notch and have been recognized by some of the industry’s most influential artists such as Nicole Moudaber, Thomas Schumacher, Nick Warren, Sossa, Reboot, Danny Tenaglia, and more. Made In Paris’s mixing skills radiate in all of her DJ sets as she is able to blend and manipulate various soundscapes into a seamless, continuous mix.

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The Australian techno goddess put together an exclusive mix for My Cup Of Tech – along with a brilliant little interview – read on with us as we dive deep with Made In Paris to learn more about her passion, music, and future plans.


1. Melokind,Mehrklang – No more (Bebetta Remix)
2. Christopher scwhwarzwalder, Mira – Ayun ( Jonas Saalbach Remix)
3. Dave DK – We Meet At Six (Isolee Remix)
4. SevenDoors – Albeiro (Original Mix)
5. Andy Bros – Essenza (Original Mix)
6. Lorenzo Calvio – Now or Never (Original Mix)
7. Andy Bros – Vino & Fagottini (Original Mix)
8. MUUI – Storming (Original Mix)
9. Ellie Ka, Alexandre Allegretti, Riccii – Out Of This World (THe WHite SHadow Remix)
10. Alex Niggermann – Angular (Original Mix)
11. Undercatt- Coral (Original Mix)

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MCOT: What is the most unusual place you enjoy having a cup of tea?

MIP: I don’t particularly have an unusual place, but I do love a good cup of dilmah at 4am after a big night out

MCOT: Who is Made in Paris?

MIP: Made in Paris is a techthusiast. I thrive off dark elements and wondrous melodies.

MCOT: Describe your sound using metaphors.

MIP: My sound is an eerie jungle, the synths are a roaring lion as they reach capacity and the percussions are mocking birds in the trees.

MCOT: What is life like growing up as a techno DJ/Producer on the east coast of Australia?

MIP: As I started out it was kind of hard as there was not much of a Techno scene, but now things have changed and Techno is starting to boom.

MCOT: What is your unique attribute that sets you apart as an artist from others?

MIP: I feel like after a while you start to create your own style and unique ways of producing and also in your Dj shows. I don’t try to be other artists. I just do what feels right which makes me unique.

MCOT: If you could choose a super power to have, what would it be and why?

MIP: Definitely flying, that has been number 1 since I can remember.

MCOT: Best DJ set you have ever heard or seen.

MIP: Probably Daniel Avery has been the best I’ve seen 🙂

MCOT: If you had the chance to b2b with any artist (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

MIP: Maceo Plex. He is an ultimate legend in my books and his taste and style is very much what I am about.

MCOT: What is your favourite outlet for inspiration and getting creative?

MIP: Most probably getting out to gig of an artist you love. After watching an amazing set, all I want to do is go home and create music.

MCOT: What is on your artist rider?

MIP: Vodka, Water and DJM 2000

MCOT: CDJ or Vinyl?

MIP: CDJ, although I’m very interested in getting my vinyl expertise in order.

MCOT: Name your favourite label.

MIP: Ohh that’s way too hard. Couple of favorites would be Life and Death, Ellum, Keinemusik.

MCOT: What is the coolest thing you own.

MIP: Ugh it could my workstation (Studio setup) or my baby fern 😀

MCOT: What can we expect from Made In Paris for 2016?

MIP: 2016 I’ll be putting a lot of my energy into studio time.
I’ve just finished up a 2 track EP that will get released soon. I’m also working on a free track for all my fans to enjoy. A stack of shows around Australia.. We are working on getting overseas 😉

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MADE IN PARIS – Curious and in depth with a mind for the solitary drive of techno, tech house and deep moods, Made in Paris is well under way with underground enthusiasts pricking ears far beyond her studio. Paris’s most anticipated EP to date Dancing In The Dark on Motorik has gained a solid support from Nicole Moudaber, Thomas Schumacher, Nick Warren, Sossa, Reboot, Danny Tenaglia and more.

Made in Paris has held the stakes on Australian bills with Zombie Nation, Ten Walls, Butch, Robert Babicz and Rivastarr – making her a devilish staple in consoles across Sydneys warehouses and concrete jungles of the underground

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