Loop is the perfect alternative to custom earplugs

Let’s face it. Earplugs are ugly.

But protecting your ears is important for anyone exposed to music at loud volumes, whether that be at a rave, festival, or the afterparty. The solution is either foamy earplugs that distort the sound, uncomfortable crappy plastic ones, or very expensive custom fitted ones. But we’ve discovered an even better solution, introducing Loop. Loop earplugs are designed with party-goers and music enthusiasts in mind, combining the best sound acoustics, comfortable eartip pieces, and hey, they even look good! For our readers, we have a special treat for you at the end of this article. Read on and enjoy. ❤︎

We love the approach Loop has mastered by focusing on making safety both affordable and fashionable while offering an organic experience without compromising on sound quality or hearing damage.

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Make them your best accessory

Do you get that constant white noise or buzzing in your ears well after the party is over? That’s your ears warning you that you aren’t protecting your ears, so they are doing it for you! But your ears can only protect you for so long before your hearing starts to give way, and eventually completely dissapear. What a terrible world that would be, a world without hearing music? The most important part of your party outfit you should always accessorize is your ears. Yes, your ears. We can’t stress enough the significance of wearing earplugs at any festival, rave, or place playing loud music.

Since first testing Loop earplugs out during ADE a couple weeks back, we have officially included them on our standard party checklist – you know, the one you check off incase you forget anything before heading out to the party. Not only was the delivery extremely quick, but the package arrived in a nice little matte black box which included the earplugs, eartips (plastic + memory foam), travel pouch, with instructions tucked underneath.

When your earplugs look this good, why wouldn’t you want to wear them?

Loop initially stood out for us because not only do they protect your ears, but they also have a unique design. Unlike most earplugs that look very bulky and unproportioned, Loop uses a loop – hence the name – for a stylish touch. Who says protecting your ears has to be unfashionable? Loop makes safety, sexy.

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Stay in place

Throughout a heavy night of dancing to pounding techno rhythms, we were very pleased to discover that the earplugs stayed in place nicely. Between the silicone and memory foam eartips, the memory foam were most comfortable and easy to fit for us. We forgot that they were in most of the time and inserting and removing was easy peasy. With our previous earplugs, we found that we would have to adjust them numerous times during an event or festival which could sometimes end up causing issues.

The mystery of the missing earplug is solved

We don’t know bout you, but when it comes to earplugs, we seem to always have the same problem: we lose them – well, just one. Why is that? It’s just like when one sock from the pair goes missing. Transitioning from dancefloor to smoking area then back to the dancefloor then toilets. Removing and putting back in our earplug can be a very annoying task that will eventually lead to disappearing all together by the end of the night, somehow. When you order your Loop earplugs, you receive a small pouch perfect for storing these bad boys. The other beauty about Loop earplugs is that when you exit the dancefloor to a quieter place, you don’t have to remove them as they adjust to your surrounding sounds. But by habit, we always remove ours anyways.

What’s their secret?

The science behind Loop: “The acoustics of Loop – When sound waves pass through your ear canal, certain frequencies are boosted. This is due to your ear canal acting as a resonator (like a small trumpet). Most earplugs sound bad because they block your ear without compensating for this resonance. To achieve a great music experience, Loop mimics the function of your ear canal.”

Why do we prefer Loop over other earplugs?

Those foamy neon earplugs muzzle out the sound and are uncomfortable – not to mention an eye sore. The best option for hearing safety is always custom fitted earplugs, but those can be quite expensive and not always simple to accumulate. Loop is the next best thing – in our humble opinion – offering all the hearing protection without sacrificing quality of sound. Not to mention the price is a sweet deal compared to custom fitted earplugs. They’re easy to toss in your rave bag, purse, wallet, or pocket before heading out for the night. Choose your size for a perfect fit. Just be sure you push the silicon or memory foam eartips nice and secure over the nozzle of the Loop to avoid them from separation.

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The team behind Loop are super responsive and friendly and we recommend these to all our fellow party and industry friends. Loop earplugs are also available in ‘Raving Red’ and ‘Funky Blue’. We will def be ordering the Red ones next!

Loop My Cup of Tech Review 2

A special treat for our readers

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Receive 15% off when you order your Loop earplugs using discount code MYCUPOFTECH. Order yours here now!

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