Lehar & Musumeci – ‘Jungle Heart’ Review

Lehar & Musumeci – ‘Jungle Heart’ review by Daniel G Hammond

This week brings a review of the finest in modern Italian beats. Namely, those of Lehar, or Lorenzo Esposito, alongside Musumeci, the musical project of Mauro Di Martino – better known as Lehar & Musumeci.

Lehar harnesses a sound of aesthetic beauty that finds its roots in what he terms ‘Romanticism’. Musumeci, in a similar vein, has created a sound that harnesses a mixture of sounds and atmospheres of dramatic outcomes. Both artists’ direction are characterized by intimate basslines and ever intriguing melodies that have fierce festival appeal.

When listening to Lehar & Musumeci’s “Jungle Heart”, the listener is welcomed with a steady climb through sun kissed synthesizer and wooden percussion, led by a driving techno kick. At 8:25 minutes in length, prepare to be taken on a journey. As is common with Lehar & Musumeci, there is a sense of transportation with their tracks, be it a beach bar, or the scene of romantic escapism. Imagery aside, Jungle Heart builds upon this structure with the addition of an oscillating, warm bassline that contrasts with a higher, acidic revolving synth.

“There is a real synergy of sound on this track, proving that Lehar & Musumeci together are a force to be reckoned with in the melodic techno world.”

The track continues to take on new elements, as percussion becomes a little busier, there are grooves unlocked within the track that are to have full effect in a live setting. Such a setting, like that of a festival (see below) would allow ravers to grip to fluctuating elements of the track played at the correct elevated decibel. Jungle Heart strips layers, becoming minimal and allowing a sense of space and tension to build. When pads and percussive elements are thrown back into the mix, there is a devastating impact, conjuring dance moves from even those unfamiliar with this genre. There is a real synergy of sound on this track, proving that Lehar & Musumeci together are a force to be reckoned with in the melodic techno world.

⬇︎ Watch Lehar & Musumeci dropping “Jungle Heart” at Diynamic Festival Amsterdam 2017 below ⬇︎

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Lehar’s debut EP ‘Sargas’ on Connaisseur Records catapulted the producer into the arena of modern electronic music. From here, his EP ‘Magic Realism’ on Diynamic Music, with his contribution to the ’10 Years of Diynamic’ album cemented his reputation as a cutting edge producer. The Sicilian native- Musumeci, has been producing since the late 1980s. Surrounding himself in the world of music, his tracks have brought him success with labels such as Aeon, Bedrock, Connaisseur, Compost Black Label, Diynamic Music, My Favourite Robot, and OFF Recordings.

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The pair unite in the running of The Sound Of Connaisseur’s radio show on Ibiza Global Radio. It in the combination of the two a magic really takes shape. The blend of Lehar & Musumeci forges a special energy that has manifested in the current track ‘Jungle Heart’. The two have been a studio team previously, most notably for their remix of Ost & Kjex’s ‘Easy’. This track was a favourite amongst titans such as Solomun and it is not hard to see why. All of these names are members of the Diynamic roster, and their collaboration always makes for a special sound. Jungle Heart’s feature on the ‘Lotus’ EP, which is home to two further tracks ‘Amun’ featuring the aforementioned Norwegian duo and the final track ‘Lotus’. Expect much more from the synergistic duo in the coming year, with a major show at the Loveland Diynamic Showcase at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) on Friday, October 20th.

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