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For this month’s edition of Deeper Sounds & MCOT Presents Spotlight, please welcome Jhōnsson: Barnsley born and raised, DJ/Producer Jhōnsson’s musical journey began in the late 90’s when he caught the DJing bug by going to local clubs up north and listening to the earlier sounds of house, hard house, and trance. He later went on to discover the infamous White Isle with his Best Friend Daley aka Hot Since 82. They then went on to start running their own successful parties b2bing 12 hour sets every weekend in their beloved town. Fast forwarding many years, Jhōnsson released his first track on Phonetic Records which led to him doing remixes for Bodyrox, Belloca, and NFTO.

Bursting onto the scene in 2014 with his release ‘Way Too Long’ [Love Not Money] which stormed the Beatport Deep House charts at #12. Since then, his music has attracted the attention of top-tier labels including Knee Deep In Sound, Madtech, Throne Room, and KMS with his signature raw, techy flavour garnering regular support from the likes of Hot Since 82, Andrea Oliva, Mark Knight, and Hauswerks.

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MCOT: How do you take your tea?

Jhōnsson: From Yorkshire.

MCOT: So tell us, who is Jhōnsson?

Jhōnsson: Jhōnsson is me “the daft lad from Barnsley”. The name came about as I used to call everyone Johnson because I was bad at remembering names… eventually everyone started calling me it too hahah!

MCOT: What genre was your stepping-stone into electronic music?

Jhōnsson: Trance, House, Tech

MCOT: What was the scene like back in the 90’s compared to now?

Jhōnsson: I’m not that old haha.. Maybe 1998 at a push, early 2000’s and onwards..but yes, it was good.. Messy, but good!

MCOT: What’s your favourite part about working with your best friend Daley (Hot Since 82)?

Jhōnsson: Get to see my best mate.. It can be hard to touch base sometimes, especially with Daley being in a different country every week.

MCOT: Do you have a super funny or embarrassing moment whilst working together at your parties?

Jhōnsson: My lips are sealed hahaha.. We had some mad times together to say the least.

MCOT: Best event you have ever been to and why?

Jhōnsson: Knee Deep for sure… Wicked events

MCOT: What is on your rider?

Jhōnsson: Gin , Vodka , Whisky in that order lol

MCOT: Where do you seek for inspiration?

Jhōnsson: In life, my wife.. Not sure how she puts up with me, ha.. In music, there are a lot of artists that come to mind, but would probably have to say Daley… He has worked hard to get to where he is today and it makes me push for what I believe in, even when i feel like throwing towel in sometimes..

MCOT: Last track you listened to today?

Jhōnsson: It was just on in the car.. “Irreversable” from Lost Records.

MCOT: If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Jhōnsson: Teleport.. So I can’t be arsed to wait about and travel.. sometimes I just want to be there and fast, ha!

MCOT: What is the most unusual thing you have in your home?

Jhōnsson: Pot cow in garden.. No idea how or why..

MCOT: If you could collab with any artist – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

Jhōnsson: Daft Punk.. Just wicked on every level.

MCOT: Can you share with us a little bit about your upcoming release on Mad Tech Records?

Jhōnsson: Yea remix I’ve just done for Bontan.. Track is called 33/45 bside of his Rewind EP which will be out near the back end of April.

MCOT: Do you have any other originals or remixes coming out soon you can tell us about?

Jhōnsson: Got loads coming out from April onwards..three EPs, five remixes, two collabs, and Ibiza va release on labels such as Madtech, Suah, Hippies, KMS and more.

MCOT: Do you have any festival or summer plans you can share with us?

Jhōnsson: Just one booked so far at Northbridge festival in July x

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Stream Jhōnsson’s exclusive Deeper Sounds X MCOT Presents mix via Soundcloud or below now:

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