GNTN debut on Reinier Zonneveld’s label Filth on Acid

German techno duo GNTN make their debut on Reinier Zonneveld’s notorious Filth On Acid imprint with “Helios”; a full-blown techno anthem demonstrating their intricate grasp of the genre and their ability to consistently create productions with their really own interpretation of techno music. Between their surge of releases and busy summer schedule, we had the pleasure of catching up with our favourite German duo to discuss their latest offering “Helios”. Read on below…
GNTN Helios Filth on Acid

Yesterday, August 11th, saw GNTN’s official debut on Reinier Zonneveld’s label Filth On Acid. While exploring a new direction of sound with their “Helios”, the German pair have proven their production talent and skills once again through the track’s rolling bass, catchy melody, and strong atmospheric pads that suck you into a whirlwind of intense techno dimensions.

Subtly adding to the palpable intensity in Helios, GNTN filtered the refined and dynamic combination of kick, hi-hat, and bassline to accompany the track’s synth rises. Jan and Marcel use space on the track to create a wide and deep sound that is as punchy as it is emotional. The driving baseline is interjected by 80s influenced synth-work, drawing the focus of the track to the melodic elements and well chosen percussive elements, creating an almost ethereal atmosphere.

With international gigs in cities like Amsterdam, London, or Cologne, a constant production output, as well as performances at some of the biggest festivals in Europe this summer, like Parookaville, GNTN are set to be one of the up-and-coming talents around. With “Helios” under their belt, 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for GNTN.

Discover our interview with GNTN below👇

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MCOT: How does it feel to be debuting your brand-new release Helios on Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth on Acid imprint?
GNTN: It’s an honor for us! Reinier Zonneveld always was a producer we looked up to. His frequency & quality of releases is immense and has always inspired us. What we also like about Reinier is, that he has a really bright range of sounds he uses in his productions. Sometimes harder, sometimes with vocals. We really like that!

MCOT: In Greek mythology, Helios means ‘God of Sun’. For such a dark techno tune, why did you choose this track name in particular?
GNTN: Honestly we like to associate our tracks with positive influenced words. Only because the track might be dark, the title doesn’t have to be we think 🙂

MCOT: What inspired this new direction of sound?
GNTN: We always search for something “new”. This direction of sound felt really fresh, modern, but still effective on the dance floor. A combination of remarkable melodies, but still typical elements for techno is what we aimed for in this track!

MCOT: Is this a sound you will be pursuing in the near future?
GNTN: Definitely. We got 3 more tunes ready into this direction, which we are going to finish over the next couple of weeks. We are excited, which label will find it as interesting as we do!

MCOT: Tell us about your first experience playing at Parookaville. How did the crowd react when you dropped Helios?
GNTN: Parookaville was one of our best gigs to date. We dropped Helios as one of our first tracks and the reaction was great. It felt really good to test out this track in front of such a big crowd. A moment we will not forget!



Danke PAROOKAVILLE / Aerochrone ❤️

Posted by GNTN on Saturday, July 22, 2017


MCOT: Do you have any other events and festivals planned for the rest of the season?
GNTN: Many club gigs are coming up in the next months. We are really excited for the next time! 🙂

MCOT: What do you think sets Reinier Zonneveld’s label apart from the rest?
GNTN: What we really like about Reinier’s label is that he brings established as well as upcoming artists together on one platform. All productions until now have been exceptional and we personally think that this will be one of the most respected labels in the scenes in the future. We also really like the art direction of the label!

MCOT: If you could collab with any other artist on the Filth on Acid roster, who would it be and why?
GNTN: We really like the sound of Hidden Empire, Laat or Reinier himself..:)

MCOT: And last but certainly not least, how do you take your tea?
GNTN: Listening to a finished track in the studio 🙂

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