Robot Koch – Fluid EP [Diynamic Music]

For the past decade, Solomun‘s emblematic imprint, Diynamic Music, has been influencing the electronic world with its melodic and emotive house and techno soundscapes. From releasing mega records off the Hamburg-based label to hosting events and festival stages all around the world, it’s without a doubt Diynamic has grown into one of the scene’s pioneering forces. The artists behind the label, better referred to as the ‘Diynamic Family’ have kept their sound quite close to home, therefore it’s always a sweet treat when they happen to invite a new member to join the roster.

Please welcome Robot Koch to the Diynamic Family! This award winning LA-based producer/composer has already released on labels such as Monkeytown, Bpitch Control, Project Mooncircle, or his very own Trees & Cyborgs.

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Robot Koch makes his Diynamic-debut with “Fluid” EP; a three track composition honing in on Koch’s cinematic melodies, deep textures, and powerful harmonies. The opening track titled “Reach” features the lush vocals of Delhia de France and is remixed by Berlin-based producer Chi Thanh. You may recognize “Reach” having been a vital part of Solomun’s sets for the past months, taking thousands of dancers’ hearts all over the world by storm. The elegance of Delhia’s voice seamlessly blended with the driving remixing skills of Chi Thanh amplifies the essence of what Robot Koch has produced: an uplifting dancefloor hymn that calls for closed eyes and raised hands.

The second and title track, “Fluid“ is a delicately melancholic electronic ballad featuring French multi-instrumentalist Julien Marchal. Marchal has contributed piano improvisation parts, out of which Koch in turn has distilled loops to make the arrangement that creates that distant hopefulness that drives through this track’s core.

Closing off Robot Koch’s “Fluid” EP is “Nebula”, a full on collaboration with Chi Thanh that arose from the initial remix work he did on “Reach”. Solomun liked the remix and asked if Koch wanted to make it a full EP, which sparked Koch’s idea to ask Chi Thanh for a coop track. The outcome is a gloomy upbeat composition that unifies the signatures of both auteurs.

“Fluid EP” may be best described in the words of BBC’s legendary John Peel, who called Robot Koch’s unique sound of organic electronic music “Wonderful and Strange”.

Stream “Fluid” EP below and make sure to follow us on Spotify!

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