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As an artist, inspiration can strain in from just about anywhere: nature, books, food, experiences. But in Carl Bee’s case, his comes from a stream of various musical influences. From techno to trance, minimal to tribal – and everything in between – Carl Bee has selected 10 of his most influential tracks that have helped shape his sound and the artist he is today.

Carl Bee is a rare breed of DJ. The Malta born and based artist is recognized as one of the most talented, upfront DJs in the region. He has quite the ear for music, consistently picking up unknown exclusive tracks and turning them into dance floor bangers. Carl’s performances exhibit a wide range of music and styles, from deep-house to minimal, tech-house, techno to progressive – which makes every set a unique, unwritten story to be told.

▶︎ Brew yourself a ☕️ and follow along with us below as Carl Bee shares his Top 10 Most Influential Tracks and what makes them so special to him…

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#1 Aztec Mystic, DJ Rolando – Knights of the Jaguar

It was love at first sight for this tune .. I remember walking into a local club while hearing it for the first time ever which I immediately felt that this Track was a Special one !.. Some days after I discovered that it was one of Sven Vath’s highlights at the Love Parade and that made it so difficult to get hold of a copy from the local record store but luckily after a couple of weeks I managed. Definitely its one of my all time favorites to date !

#2 Timo Maas – Der Schieber

I got to know Timo Maas from this track. Still one of my all time favorite tunes!

#3 Tiefschwarz – Issst

I remember listing it for the first time in a record store where luckily enough I managed to get this gem on white label! It worked every time and its still is one of those tracks that work till today!

#4 Paul Woolford – Erotic Discourse

This was definitely one of my trademark tunes in my sets at that year, 2006 was also the year I started having my own headline events in and this track as an essential one in most of my sets.

#5 Âme – Rej

I still drop “Rej” till today ! the track influenced me in many ways. You can play this song everywhere and still give hands in the air anytime

#6 Cevin Fisher – Love You Some More (Steve Lawler Remix)

I was a huge fan of the tribal sounds, used to follow a lot Danny Tenaglia & Steve Lawler amongst others.. A friend of mine had gave me a CD with a Tribal House mix from these two and I was literally hooked !
This track was one of my favorites in the mix .. although all the tracks are really good but this specifically reminds me of it and it definitely influenced me throughout. It was groovy which for me its the most important thing in dance music!

#7 Humate – Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk Mix)

Before I started DJing, I used to love old skool 90s trance music, DJs like Van Dyk, Sven & Oakenfold had made an impact on me, than by the time I discovered Sasha and John Digweed Northern Exposure & Global Underground Stuff. But this track right here takes me back to the very first days of Rave experiences!

#8 Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Trentemøller Remix)

For me this is one of those perfect ending tracks. Trentmoller is still one of my favorite artists.

#9 Dahlback & Krome – The Real Jazz (Dahlback Mix)

As I said before, I used to follow Danny Tenaglia a lot in which this track was my favorite from his Global Underground Athens compilation! I remember I had to buy the Vinyl twice cause I played it ridiculous amount of times

#10 Rhelonis R Jones – Deer In The Headlights (Radioslave Remix)

This is the very first track that influenced me creating sort of tensions both in my productions and my dj sets. It’s definitely that kind track that keeps you edgy yet delivers energy by its constant climaxes!

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