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Crowned as the Best Newcomer at this year’s DJ Awards 2017 – 20th Anniversary Edition at Hï Ibiza only a few days ago, and today dropping some new fire “You Don’t Know” on Yousef’s label, it’s safe to say it’s been one helluva week for Bontan. The British Beatport topper has been taking over the underground house scene with a string of releases on Hot Creations, 20/20 Vision, Elrow Music, and Circus Recordings.

Bontan’s journey is quite an inspiring one. From humble beginnings as a resident DJ in 2011, really honing in on his craft in the sweaty basements of his hometown in Southport, to playing alongside the likes of Masters At Work and Dennis Ferrer at Southport Weekender. For anybody wanting to make their mark on dance music, his story is proof that good things happen to good people.

Discover Bontan as we get up close and personal in an interview we did with him below to discuss his brand-new release “You Don’t Know”, how his sound has evolved over the years, his favourite releases of 2017, and how he despises tea (WHAT?!), yes, you heard that right!

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OUT NOW: Bontan – “You Don’t Know”

Grab your copy from Beatport here!

MCOT: Congratulations on your upcoming release “You Don’t Know”! Why did you choose to release on Circus Recordings?
Bontan: Yousef has always been a great mentor to me so when he asked me to release this track with him I had no second thoughts!

MCOT: Describe this track in 3 words.
Bontan: Acid, rolling, melodic!

MCOT: What key elements separate “You Don’t Know” from your previous releases?
Bontan: I feel it it’s a bit more aggressive than my other records. In a good way that is! It really peaks after the main breakdown into the full acid force!

MCOT: How would you say your sound has changed over the years?
Bontan: I feel I’ve really matured with my music over time and I’m now creating the music I’ve always wanted to. I’ve reached a point now where I’ve found my own distinctive sound.

MCOT: Have you already been testing out this tune at your gigs this summer? If so, how has the response been?
Bontan: I’ve been playing this out for a few months now! The reaction has always been great. It feels like a record that instantly resonates with a crowd.

I feel I’ve really matured with my music over time and I’m now creating the music I’ve always wanted to. I’ve reached a point now where I’ve found my own distinctive sound.

MCOT: If you could ask 3 artists to remix this banger, who would you select and why?
Bontan: Masters at work because they are my heroes. Kerri Chandler because he’s the first DJ I ever saw live. Dennis Ferrer because he’s an all round quality producer & DJ.

MCOT: If you were to make a music video for “You Don’t Know” what visual story would you like to tell?
Bontan: Maybe the story of a youth experiencing house music in a club for the first time. Building as the track builds then peaking at the very end when the acid fully drops!

MCOT: Where did the idea for this track derive from?
Bontan: I had been playing round with my Moog Sub37 and created this melody. I wanted to make something slightly more melodic and I worked the drums around the bass.

MCOT: If you were b2b with Carl Cox in the booth when would be the perfect moment to drop “You Don’t Know”?
Bontan: I’d say in the first third of the set to really set the tone!

MCOT: You’ve had a massive string of releases in 2017, what 2 tunes stand out the most for you and why?
Bontan: I’d saying my track on Hot Creations ‘The First Time’ and my collaboration with Josh Butler ‘Call You Back’. Both fell at the start of the year, and were so well received – it felt like it set the tone for the year, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it since.

MCOT: With an average of two releases per month, can you share with us your secret as to always keeping your sound fresh and exciting?
Bontan: Constant work! Every day I’m in the studio for 8 hours. Putting the time and effort in really pays off.

MCOT: How do you take your tea?
Bontan: I don’t drink tea or coffee! Vile stuff. Haha!

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