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Alex Mine // Artist Spotlight

With over 100 releases under his belt – including a number we’ve featured in our Steep of the Week playlists – it’s safe to say that Alex Mine is a force to be reckoned with. Since emerging from the depths of Italy’s renowned underground clubbing scene, he’s been recognized as once of the hottest artists on the international circuit.
Alex Mine - Artist Spotlight - My Cup of Tech

Alex Mine has been praised by techno pioneer Dubfire as “one of the most consistent artists that I came across” and has established himself as one to watch with massive support from some of the scene’s players including Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Paco Osuna, and more.

Combining an infectious blend of powerful basslines and rhythm drum patterns in his signature dark atmospheric grooves, Alex Mine’s music holds the key to open doors into another worldly dimension of sound.

The Italian’s latest manifestation titled “Lost” EP, which is due out on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M imprint, has been gaining a vast amount of traction in its anticipation leading up to its release on October 2nd, 2017.

We managed to squeeze in a quick chat with the man himself to talk “Lost”, music, inspiration, collaborations, and much more.

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MCOT: This being your debut release on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M imprint, what thoughts were going through your mind the moment you were given this great news?
Alex: Everything came so naturally. Monika asked me for some unsigned stuff of mine during the past Sonar, so I was pretty sure I could release on her label if I only had the right tracks. And finally this happened.

MCOT: What’s the story behind your upcoming Lost EP? Where did the inspiration come from?
Alex: I wanted to make something different from what we are listening round at the moment. I was playing with my synths in the studio when this kind of ‘distorted guitar’ born and I immediately thought I was creating something really dark and special. Then I thought the track needed a vocal line so I looked for a special voice from my libraries and all the rest came so quickly. The drums are so basic, but that’s what I wanted to do, so you can be captured from the rest.

MCOT: Describe the setting you think Solar can be best heard.
Alex: Solar is one of that tracks you listen once and you immediately keep the melody inside your head. So I hope people can listen to the track during a great party and  in the end of the night, when the music is down, still whistling and dancing to it.

MCOT: In what kind of setting do you think Opus can be best heard?
Alex: Opus is a massive melodic techno track. During the making process we realised we were creating something big. I was at the piano writing the melody while Mauro (D-Deck) was working for a dope sound. The feeling was incredible, that’s why we made the 80% of the track in 1hour. We created a big festival hit, in my opinion.

MCOT: What 3 things come to mind when you listen to Lost?
Alex: Deep, dark and lost.

MCOT: You posted some pretty dark video snippets to tease this upcoming release. Is this a hint as to what we can expect in the official music video for the title track?
Alex: Yeah, I’m posting these videos as teasers of the official music video of ‘Lost’. A girl is lost in a forest inside an abandoned old home and she is trying to find the way out.

MCOT: What was your selection process when choosing to collaborate with D-Deck and Alberto Ruiz?
Alex: Mauro (D-Deck) is a special friend of mine since many years. And we also share the studio in Torino. After signing ‘Lost’ and ‘Solar’, Monika asked me for another track to sign exactly while we were working on ‘Opus’ so I directly sent her the track as soon as we finished it.
I knew Alberto from when Dubfire started playing his track ‘Particle’ few years ago. I made a Beatport research and I realised all his tracks were fire! So I texted him and we start collaborating. He made some works for my label and I did the same for his label. When the Terminal M manager told me they choose him as remixer I was so happy about that.

MCOT: What are your top 2 favourite places to find inspiration when writing music?
Alex: I get some very nice inspiration right after  I enjoyed another dj’ set in a very cool club. Also travelling really got me feeling so inspired.

MCOT: What is your absolute favourite toy in the studio to create music with?
Alex: ‘Una corda’ by Native Instrument.

MCOT: Last but not least, how do you take your tea?
Alex: Peach, with sugar, thanks.

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