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Agent Orange - Interview ADE My Cup of Tech ADE 2017
Ahead of his performance at Undrgrnd x ADE on Friday, October 20th – following My Cup of Tech x ADE Network Event – we have a quick chat with New York techno pioneer Agent Orange to discuss all things Amsterdam Dance Event // ADE 2017.

Having cut his teeth during the iconic 90s rave and club era in his hometown of New York, he has proved himself over the years as a pioneer and architect of modern day electronic music. Agent Orange’s groovy, dark, and hypnotic signature has dubbed himself a force to be reckoned with.

Brew yourself a ☕️ and read on below as we catch-up with Agent Orange in 5 fun interview questions about ADE 2017.

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MCOT: In your opinion, what separates ADE apart from all the other electronic
music conferences?

Agent Orange: It seems its def better on the business side of things. Plus people are really showing you with their best foot forward. The venues and production are all top notch and the Dutch crowd goes in!

MCOT: If you were asked by ADE to host your very own panel, which topic would
you choose and why?
Agent Orange: I suppose how labels are now being used as a PR machine since it so hard to sell enough underground music to make a living these days.

“Stay Young, Love Techno” – Agent Orange

MCOT: If you were to open your Undrgrnd x ADE set with a track from one of the
other performing artists, which one would you play and why?
Agent Orange: Ran Salman  – “Shallow Water” – it’s well produced and has a class middle eastern feel/

MCOT: What is your best advice you can give aspiring artists or industry
professionals who are coming to ADE to grow their career?

Agent Orange: Be prepared, take as many business cards as you can, pace yourself and try to sleep haha

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MCOT: What’s your favorite typical Dutch thing to do when you’re in town for

Agent Orange: Cut off my ear. lol! ✂️👂😜

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