4 Halloween UV Makeup and Glitter tutorials

Halloweekend is just around the corner, so to get you inspired for your big night-out, we have selected 4 UV Makeup and Glitter tutorials to give you the ultimate look this year – perfect for a rave, night-club, or anywhere that hosts a black lit atmosphere! From getting your dANTS on at ANTS Halloween Takeover in Manchester to partying down south in Belgium at Ghoststyle Halloween w/ DJ Rush, these 4 UV Makeup and Glitter tutorials are guaranteed to take your Halloween rave costume to the next level of spooky!😈

Get creative and use the below tutorial videos as inspiration to create your own ‘one-of-a-kind’ Halloween look! When wanting to add a unique UV glow or shimmer to your party ensemble, we always recommend using UV Makeup and Glitter by RAVE.

Why do we love using UV Makeup and Glitter by RAVE?
β—‡ normal UV paint can turn up really streaky unless applied under a blacklight; unlike RAVE’s unique non-streak formula.
β—‡ easy to apply; makeup is done in a snap so you have more time to work on your dance moves
β—‡ doesn’t wear off; keep your spooky look going strong well into the after-after-party hours

πŸ“¦ Order your UV Makeup and Glitter by RAVE just in time for HalloweenπŸŽƒ via our shop and you’ll receive 20% off when you enter code MCOTADE at the checkout.

βœ• βœ• βœ•

✨ Glitter tutorials ✨

#1 Glitter Skull Makeup

Tips: try UV Glitter Shaker by RAVE in ice-blue for a devilish glow and we highly suggest using a fix gel to ensure your look lasts all night long
MUA: ByJeannine

#2 Glitter Clown Makeup

Tips: for a shimmering, intergalactic effect, try using two different glitter colours like UV Glitter Shaker in lemon and champagne-pink
MUA: Olivia Spinks

🎨 UV Facepaint tutorials 🎨

#3 UV Neon Skull Makeup

Tips: this black light hat is the perfect accessory to ensure your makeup stays brilliant everywhere you go
MUA: Desi Perkins

#4 UV Neon Splatter Makeup

Tips: try this look using UV Neon Paint Sticks by RAVE for precise design and details
MUA: Naomi Jon

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