15 Tracks of Summer playlist by Johnny Trika

Montreal is home to many things, poutine, Français, and Johnny Trika. Known for his signature selection of tunes that are both techy and dark, introspective and vigorous, fused together with constant tension and drive that takes his audience on a deep experimental journey of sound. Trika’s empathic and immersive nature can be heard in all his live performances, exploring new sounds and techniques to ensure each performance is a unique experience that is destined for the dance floor.

Johnny’s musical journey began in 2010 at the mere age of 18, the same year Canada hosted the Winter Olympics. He spent quite some time searching for nirvana in the machines in the basement, curating his own illusive sound tinkering his sonic palette before emerging onto the scene under the wing of Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia. Since then, he has gone on to release a handful of monster tunes and EPs on Dubfire’s ‘Sci+Tec’ imprint and is also featured on Matt Sassari’s ‘Panterre’ label with his twist on Matt’s original ‘Don Freeze Up’.

For our latest playlist takeover, we’ve invited Johnny Trika to do the honours of selecting his top 15 tracks he’s been playing out all summer. Listen now below and make sure to give us a follow on Soundcloud:

1. Powers of Ten – Stephan Bodzin
2. What’s a Girl To Do – Fatima Yamaha
3. Johnny Trika – Dreamless King
4. Unstable Witness – Gaiser
5. BamBam – Matador
6. Albatroz – BLANCAh
7. Wir – Stephan Bodzin
8. Osa – Recondite
9. Eric Prydz – Generate (Kölsch Remix)
10. Single Freax – Shaded
11. Joseph Capriati – Fratello (Dubfire Remix)
12. Oolooloo – Gaiser
13. Murphy’s Law – Recondite
14. The Prophet – Mathew Jonson
15. Brainwasher – Sebastien Leger

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